1. His greatest postoperative discomfort will be among the first 72 hours. During this time take your medicine as instructed (antibiotics, painkillers, stomach protectors, vitamins). After the first 24 to 48 hours will decrease your discomfort and then reduce pain medication.
  2. If you taking medicine for a disease must take it as it always has, prior authorization from your surgeon.
  3. Do not treat yourself.



Easily digestible foods like jelly, juices, milk, clear soups are well tolerated in the first 24 hours. If no nausea returns to normal power. You should not make any kind of diet until you have not completed their recovery process.



  1. After surgery can expect some pain, inflammation, wound drainage, for a few days.
  2. Do not remove the dressings or surgical wound wet until instructed to do so. (It is not permissible for a person different from the doctor will make healing surgical wound)
  3. Once you get home you can wander around the house, go to the bathroom, sit and eat always leaning on someone else (the first 3 days). It is important that the days following surgery the patient is walking. You should not stay in bed.
  4. You should start massaging medical indication.
  5. Do not allow other people perform punctures to drain you or make you healing surgical wound
  6. Buy white tank tops cotton sleeveless.
  7. Use the faja for 6 months all day, then 3 months 12 hours a day and the other 3 months for 6 hrs.
  8. Do not put ice or heat in surgical areas, meso therapy is not performed, or make pasta for obesity or other such treatment.
  9. Do not allow other people will perform punctures to drain.
  10. The first visit postsurgical be held on the day indicated.
  11. should not be removed for any reason the abdominal girdle.
  12. must be 7 to 10 days off work.
  13. Once the process is finished let pain will decide that movement. If it hurts do not do it !!
  14. You can return to your usual activities 3 weeks after surgery.
  15. You can return to perform cardio 4 weeks after post-surgery.
  16. Can drive again at 7 days after surgery. If this causes pain, then do not drive.
  17. Avoid sex in the first three weeks or post surgical pain while sitting in the wound
  18. Boppie Sleeping Pillow, the time recommended by the doctor and sit in the same



  1. Severe pain that does not respond to medication, as was indicated.
  2. Pain and excessive swelling, foul-smelling secretions (evil-smelling) or bleeding that will not stop.
  3. Inflammation (swelling) marked and lower limb pain.
  4. Difficulty breathing.
  5. and. Fever, red and very hot areas.
  6. Inability to stand, very sleepy patient who does not respond adequately to the call.
Dra. Tania Medina
Dra. Tania Medina

DR. TANIA MEDINA PLASTIC SURGEON IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Dr. Tania Medina entered the School of Medicine at the Technological Institute of Santo Domingo (INTEC) in 2001, where she graduated with the highest honors obtaining the title of “Doctor of Medicine” summa cum laude. She completed an internship and got prepared for the National Medical Residence competition at Dr. Salvador Gaultier Hospital, where she stood out with the highest qualification ever obtained by any contestant in the competition up to that time. She graduated as an aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon at the prestigious National Residence of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at Dr. Salvador Gautier Hospital, where she was also recognized by the Department of Teaching and Scientific Research and the Medical College, as one of the best students in her years as a resident specialist...

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