Tension threads: The solution for the sagging buttocks

Tension threads: The solution for the sagging buttocks
The buttocks not only fulfill their function in the human body but are also considered one of the most attractive body areas of both women and men, and that is why everyone wants to have a good appearance on their buttocks and Keep it as time goes by. Perfect buttocks according to society should be toned and raised, although many believe that the size of these is the most important, I must tell you that they are wrong because small but firm and raised gluteus look spectacular. Unfortunately the years also affect this area of the body making them flaccid, this makes all those who seek to have a perfect butt do whatever it is to solve this problem. Aesthetic surgeries and other beauty treatments offer several techniques to combat the flaccidity of the buttocks and improve the appearance of these, since the fallen buttocks are considered anti aesthetic and undesirable. La “Pexia glútea” también conocida como Hilos tensores o Hilos de oro, son una técnica moderna capaz de levantar los glúteos sin necesidad de una cirugía estética sin prótesis y grandes incisiones.

¿En qué consiste la Pexia glútea? ¿Qué son los hilos tensores?

Dicha técnica para elevar los glúteos tiene como objetivo lograr el efecto deseado a través de hilos tensores, los cuales son hilos especiales elaborados con un material llamado polipropileno que no provoca alergia ni ningún tipo de rechazo por el organismo. Este tipo de técnica para solucionar el problema estético de los glúteos caídos es sencilla, indolora y el paciente puede retomar las actividades cotidianas inmediatamente.

How do you put the tension wires to lift the buttocks?

The procedure lasts only about 45 minutes and are placed from 2 to 8 thread tensioners depends on the results you want to obtain, everything will be done in a single session. After the patient is anesthetized with local anesthesia and sedation, the tensioners are placed under the skin in the pre-muscular area through a special cannula.

When can you see the results?

The results are immediate and very natural, the buttocks look more rounded and elevated and even appear to be more bulky, although the technique has not been done to increase its size. The recovery will last between 48 and 72 hrs. A containment band should be used until the patient indicates it, after 3 days you can resume daily activities and in 1 month physical activities.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
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