One of the most requested cosmetic procedures, is done to improve the appearance of the nose and therefore a decisive change for the face. The goal of rhinoplasty is a nose that looks natural and harmonious with your other facial features. Sometimes certain breathing problems related to the internal nasal structures can be corrected at…

Cheek Implants

The cheekbones are structures that give the face a youthful and florid aspect, so when they have lost volume due to aging or other circumstances the increase is recommended. Cosmetic surgery of the cheekbones can be done alone, or in combination with other surgical procedures. The cheekbones can also be filled in with fat and…

Blepharoplasty (Eye Surgery)


With the eyes being known aswindows to the soul, they arethecenter of attentionof our face and with the passage oftimethis importantarealoses itsyouthful firmness.When this happens, cosmeticblepharoplastysurgery can be performed. This can be donein combinationwith other surgeries for abetter result.Some of these maybeface lift or chemical peeling, among others.

Face Lift


Aging is inevitable, something to which we are predestined from the day we are born. Different genetic (shape of our bones) and environmental factors (sun, smoking, alcohol) contribute to this process. The main goal of the facelift is to reposition the tissues in the face. This surgery can be performed with other facial surgeries.